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About Badger Press/Photographics, Inc.

In 1938 in the midst of the Depression, Clyde Bundies, started the Badger Letter Shop with little money and just a few employees and customers. Over 70 years later, Badger is still providing high quality printing for Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Much has changed since 1938. The Badger Letter Shop has become Badger Press/Photographics, Inc., reflecting our expanded range of services. The firm that began with a small multigraph in a corner of the Union Dye Cleaning building on 63rd Street, today occupies a 50,000 sq. ft. facility on 30th Avenue filled with the latest in high-tech printing equipment.

Badger couldn‘t have succeeded without our loyal customers. Some companies have been with us right from the beginning, and we want to thank them for their business and for the special relationships we’ve built with them over the years. The strength of Badger Press really comes down to the dedication of our employees. One person alone can’t make a business thrive. Anyone can buy equipment and finance expansions, but making it all work is up to the people who stick with you, and in that respect, Badger has been blessed with a terrific staff. After over 70 years of operation, it would be nice to sit back and rest on our laurels. But to survive in the printing business you have to think into the future, and Badger is doing that. After all, we’re getting set for the next 70 years.

Above: Ground-breaking photo taken in 1938. From left to right:
Robert Anderson, Richard Bundies, Clyde Bundies, Robert Bundies and Harold Quick.

At left: Clyde Bundies - Center in photo.